The reader must be reminded that this little document indicates only a few of the stations through which human evolution has passed in its cyclic progress, and is by no means a complete treatise. It starts with the present cycle, the fourth Ring, when man and his universe were in an etherial, or, to speak more correctly, astral condition, and leaves out of consideration the higher developments achieved in the greater cycles, called Rounds; the thoughtful student, however, will be able to pursue the inquiry into the higher spheres and major cycles with the help of the Law of Correspondences, which reigns undisturbed throughout the whole range of existence. In the astral phase of its being, humanity evolved seven races before it emerged into the first semblance of objective life, as now known, and began what is called its "descent into matter". The human germs, on their first objective appearance, were the "winged globes or Scarabei" of the Egyptians.

In the seven sub-races of the first objective Race man developed the earliest rudiments of the five senses, which we now possess in an incomparably higher degree of perfection, and two others, not generally recognizable to-day, for reasons presently to appear. Each subsequent Race, in its seven sub-races, carried forward the development of the senses, in a fixed and well-defined order, to the limit attainable at the time. We of the Fifth Race, five sub-races of which have as yet evolved, possess five fully developed senses, the other two being still in embryo on this plane. Within the limits of our Race, each sub-race has specially accentuated one of these five senses. The Aryan Asiatics, the first sub-race, have developed the sense of sight most, as shown by their superior skill in distinguishing shades of colour and blending them harmoniously; while among the filth sub-race, the principal European peoples, the prominent position occupied by the sense of taste, needs but mention to be recognized.

Not possessing the other two senses to any appreciable extent, we class their manifestations under the vague designation of intuition. In the remnants of the earlier races, now fast disappearing from the face of the earth, these two senses were developed, though on a very much lower scale than that of our five senses. Many perceptions regarded by us as intuitive, and on that account unreliable, appeal to the savage mind with the same force as any sense-perception to us. But by the operation of the Law of Retardation, which the appearance of a superior type of evolution always imposes upon an inferior, these senses are now nearly extinct. Those who realize the inter-dependence of man's consciousness and his surroundings understand how the modifications of the earth's conditions, accompanying the more powerful life-energy of a dominant Race, give a different turn to the line of evolution of an inferior race, and gradually force it to mould itself to the superior type, or die out altogether. It is this law which brings about the periodic cataclysms of Nature, marking the close of one race-supremacy, and the commencement of another.

Sight was the first sense developed, touch followed it, and then in order came hearing, smell, and taste. [1] The development of the senses proceeded on a higher plane in each succeeding Race, and, in the third, endowed human beings with a personal will, and made them very much as we know them now, subject to physical birth and death; the differentiation of the sexes from the androgynous human creature having previously taken place. Civilization, in any way resembling ours, began also in this Race, but the great cataclysms of Nature, which are so important a factor in race-evolution, have swept its traces from the earth. The fourth Race, the Atlanteans, of whose lost continent some memory is still preserved amongst us, reared up a civilization in material glory for surpassing our own, although the latter, based as it is upon intellect, and not physical desires alone, is really on a higher plane. The present ruling Race, the fifth, to which the Aryan family belongs, had its origin in Central Asia, whence it spread over all parts of the globe. Its dispersion gave rise to its greater development in the arts and sciences, and let to a varied manifestation of its original language and religion.

These subjects are so vast as obviously to preclude any exhaustive treatment within reasonable limits; but the present effort will not have been in vain if it leads to a more extensive study and a better appreciation of man, his origin and destiny.



[1] H.P.Blavatsky in her “The Secret Doctrine” gives a different order on p. 107 of vol. 2:

“ The following order on parallel lines may be found in the evolution of the Elements and the Senses; or in Cosmic terrestrial ‘MAN’ or ‘Spirit,’ and mortal physical man: —


1. Ether ... Hearing ... Sound.

2. Air ... Touch ... Sound and Touch.

3. Fire, or Light ... Sight ... Sound, Touch and Colour.

4. Water ... Taste ... Sound, Touch, Colour and Taste.

5. Earth ... Smell ... Sound, Touch, Colour, Taste and Smell.


As seen, each Element adds to its own characteristics, those of its predecessor; as each Root-Race adds the characterizing sense of the preceding Race.”

and the reverse to this one on p. 568 of vol. 2:

“ Then the Brahmana goes on to enumerate that which is meant by the word ‘Sevenfold,’ and says, ‘The nose (or smell), the tongue (taste), the eye, and the skin, and the ear as the fifth, the mind, and the understanding, these are the seven tongues of the blaze of Vaisvanara,. . . . . those are the seven (kinds of) fuel for me,. . . . . these are the seven great officiating priests. ’”

and on p. 534 of vol. 1, where she quotes Anugita:

“ The nose, and the tongue, and the eye, and the skin, and the ear as the fifth (organ of sense) Mind and Understanding,* these seven (senses) should be understood to be the causes of (the knowledge of their) qualities. Smell, and taste, and colour, sound, and touch as the fifth, the object of the mental operation, and the object of the Understanding (the highest spiritual sense or perception), these seven are causes of action. He who smells, he who eats, he who sees, he who speaks, and he who hears as the fifth, he who thinks, and he who understands, these seven should be regarded as the causes of the agents .”

and explains in a footnote:

“ * The division of the physical senses into five, comes to us from great antiquity. But while adopting the number, no modern philosopher has asked himself how these senses could exist, i.e. , be perceived and used in a self-conscious way, unless there was the sixth sense, mental perception to register and record them; and (this for the Metaphysicians and Occultists) the Seventh to preserve the spiritual fruition and remembrance thereof, as in a Book of Life which belongs to Karma. The ancients divided the senses into five, simply because their teachers (the Initiates) stopped at the hearing , as being that sense which developed in the physical plane (got dwarfed rather, limited to this plane) only at the beginning of the Fifth Race. (The Fourth Race already had begun to lose the spiritual condition, so pre-eminently developed in the Third Race.)”


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