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The Voice of the Silence, by H.P. Blavatsky: review

Meditating Blavatsky, Katinka Hesselink

Voice of the Silence- C.W. editionThis is the version of The Voice of the Silence that I keep reading - and which I give to anyone who is interested. It doesn't only have Blavatsky's original text and footnotes verbatim, it also has the commentary of her nephew Boris de Zirkoff. Since Boris de Zirkoff was THE theosophical scholar of his generation, his commentary is well worth reading.

Shown is my own copy.

The Voice of the Silence, Centenary Edition - In style of the Blavatsky Collected Writings

I would recommend this version of 'The Voice' to most people interested in theosophy. It has a unique historical introduction, the best index and it looks great too.

Pure Mahayana Buddhism

This book has been described as the pure Mahayana Buddhism. It was the first book to introduce the Bodhisattva ideal to the West.

However Blavatsky reveals in a letter to a family member that she copied it out of a Tamil text... What the truth of the matter is won't be known unless old Indian Buddhist texts come out of the woodwork somehow. But the text itself is worth pursuing whether one believes in Blavatsky's claims for its origin or not.

Blavatsky's meditative classic

Theosophists often say it should be as well known as her Secret Doctrine: it fits today's world so well.

In the Voice of the Silence Blavatsky focuses on the practical spiritual path and the Bodhisattva Vow (to help all creatures). The main issue is meditation - and how to get to the next level of spiritual transformation.

This is the kind of book which you can have on your bedside table - and read a line every night. The words will sing to you and if you let them linger, they can transform your life.

Commentaries by famous 20th century teachers on The Voice of the Silence

The Voice of the Silence may not have made a name for itself among the general public, not like Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine anyhow. But it made enough waves for several well known spiritual teachers to write a commentary on it.

Some of these teachers have explicit theosophical backgrounds, which their present fans may like to forget. However, these commentaries show that their theosophical past was indeed important to them.

The Voice of Silence: Discourses on Mabel Collins' "Light on the Path" by Osho

The Blavatsky Collected Writings series by Boris de Zirkoff

This version of 'The Voice' was published outside the official Collected Writings Series, but still with a foreword and notes by the editor of the C.W.: Boris de Zirkoff. For sale in both a paperback and a bound version, this is really a great version of Blavatsky's small classic.