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Spiritual Genius or Fraud?

Paul Brunton was an influential spiritual teacher in the first half of the 20th century. He was instrumental in making the Maharshi known in the West. His books popularized many theosophical and Eastern philosophical concepts and practices.

Whatever he was as a person - What I've seen of his writings is quite insightful. But his extravagant claims about where he got his insights are probably all fake. I would not be surprised if the main source for most of his teachings was a combination of theosophical books and Indian culture.

Mysticism versus metaphysics - Paul Brunton quote

Paul Brunton, The Wisdom of the Overself, Chapter X

Because it is immensely easier to find reasons for our feelings than feelings for our reasons and because the search for personal satisfaction is immensely more attractive than the search for impersonal intellectual truths, mysticism has always received more adherents than metaphysics.

A Search in Secret India

One of the most popular books by Paul Brunton - and instrumental in settling India's reputation as the home of spirituality. Going to various guru's and spiritual teachers, Brunton ends up at the feet of Sri Ramana Maharishi, whose teachings he helped popularize.

Discover Yourself 

(Formerly, the Inner Reality)

This book is about the essential spiritual quest: Who Am I?

Getting rid of the illusion of the importance of Self, getting rid of the illusions about who we are... Getting rid of preconceptions about who we are ...

All that gone - something else emerges...

Life after death? a Paul Brunton quote

Paul Brunton, The Inner Reality, Chapter VI

Heaven can be entered after death only if we have already entered it while alive. This is the value of life in the flesh; there is no other worthwhile value that I know.

Perspectives, Vol. 1: The Notebooks of Paul Brunton- A Survey of Categories 1-28

Don't you just love spiritual quotes?

This book is a collection of the wisest sayings of one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the early 20th century. These quotes cover every area of life and will definitely help you in your quest for insight into your own life - and that of others.

The Maharshi and His Message

Perhaps the most famous of Paul Brunton's books. Why? Because it introduces one of the most famous of Indian sages of the 20th century to the West.

Brunton has been accused of fitting the Maharshi's message to his own. Whether that's true or not, this is a spiritual classic that has set many people on the spiritual path, and will undoubtedly continue to do so.

The Real Self - a Paul Brunton quote

Paul Brunton, The Secret Path, Chapter IV

The treasure-trove of the real self is within us, but it can be lifted only when the mind is still.

The Quest of the Overself

Great introduction to the practical path of self discovery. Charting the way with examples and exercises, Paul Brunton shares his insight in ways that people keep coming back to.

All in the eye of the beholder

Paul Brunton was one of those people who is different with everybody. Mirroring what the other person needs to hear - and not worrying about what they will think of him...

This is a quality all real spiritual teachers have, in my opinion. It was true of H.P. Blavatsky and of Jiddu Krishnamurti too.

This quality makes it particularly hard to make a good biography. After all - did Paul Brunton lift that table by his hands to make the one person he knew would NOT close his eyes think for himself? Or did he do it to make the other people follow him?

My Father's Guru: A Journey Through Spirituality and Disillusion

The author claims Brunton did not know the difference between Hindi and Sanskrit and faked a table moving during a sceance once.

I personally think it's very unlikely that someone who has lived in India would not know the difference between Hindi and Sanskrit. As for the table... I don't know.

All in all this is a disillusioned biography of Paul Brunton from the perspective of someone who grew up around him.

Paul Brunton: A Personal View

Biography by Paul Brunton's son - a spiritual poet in his own right.

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